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KandyPens 350mAh Battery

Precio público mínimo: $740

KandyPens 350mAh BatteryKandyPens answered the call for more power in your pocket with one of the on..

KandyPens Crystal

Precio público sugerido: $2,990

KandyPens CrystalKandyPens just discovered a new way to enhance your concentrate sessions with the a..

KandyPens Donuts

Precio público mínimo: $1,990

KandyPens Donuts Wax VaporizerKandyPens is back with their revolutionary new pen vaporizer for wax c..

KandyPens Elite

Precio público mínimo: $2,490

KandyPens Elite VaporizerStrictly for waxy oil vaping, the KandyPens Elite offers top-tier vapor pro..

KandyPens Feather

Precio público sugerido: $1190

Introducing the first ever ecigarette for nicotine salts and the first ever ecigarette from KandyPen..

KandyPens Flacko Jodye

Precio público mínimo: $3,290

KandyPens Flacko Jodye VaporizerThe KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vaporizer - Mahogany Collection is a powe..

KandyPens Galaxy Limited Edition

Precio público mínimo: $2,490

KandyPens Galaxy Limited EditionAfter the recent release of their hugely popular Donuts Vaporizer, K..

KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Edition

Precio público mínimo: $3,120

KandyPens Galaxy Tornado EditionA storm's a-brewin! The KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Edition vaporizer i..

KandyPens Ice Cream

Precio público mínimo: $2,290

KandyPens Ice Cream Man VaporizerTrue to its name, the KandyPens Ice Cream Man serves up milky cloud..

KandyPens K-Box

Precio público mínimo: $1,740

KandyPens K-Box VaporizerThe KandyPens K-Box Vaporizer is a powerful portable wax vaporizer with an ..

KandyPens K-Stick Supreme

Precio público mínimo: $890

KANDYPENS K-STICK SUPREME VAPORIZERThe KandyPens K-Stick Supreme is a sleek, sexy, and super compact..

KandyPens K-Vape 24K Edition

Precio público mínimo: $2,690

KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer 24K EditionDeveloped by KandyPens, the K-Vape Vaporizer is compatible wit..

KandyPens K-Vape Pro

Precio público mínimo: $2,400

 KandyPens K-Vape ProUpgraded from its predecessor, the KandyPens K-Vape Pro delivers maximum f..

KandyPens Mini

Precio público mínimo: $1,990

ABOUT THE KANDYPENS MINI VAPORIZERDon't let the name fool you, the KandyPens MINI vaporizer is desig..

KandyPens MIVA 2

Precio público mínimo: $3,890

KANDYPENS MIVA 2 VAPORIZERThe KandyPens MIVA 2 is even more powerful than its impressive predecessor..

KandyPens Oura (edición limitada)

Precio público sugerido: $7,490

 KandyPens OuraThe KandyPens Oura is an intelligent portable e-rig that’s designed for unparall..

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